Head Coverings

Head Covering Veils

Measurements for Scarves are as follows:
Lengths for all are 30" to 34"
Widths are 7",8" or 9" (When hemmed the width will be approx. 1/2" narrower than these measurements.)
Cost per scarf is $10.00 a piece 
All the scarves pictured are 9" wide

Currently these are the fabrics I have:

                                      Black Lace Scarf

                               Black large flower lace scarf

                 White Lace Scarf (The lace fabric may vary in design)

                                   Charcoal Knit Scarf


                                   Mustard Knit Scarf

                                      Grey Knit Scarf

                                     Navy Knit Scarf

                                     Green Knit Scarf

                       Blue/White lightweight sweater knit

                    Blue Flower Knit (double brushed knit)

                                     Coral/Olive Knit

                                 Sage/Off White Knit

                        Red/Yellow Lightweight Sweater Knit

                                  Black/Pale Pink Knit

                                      Silver/Multi Knit

                                  Black/Bright Pink Knit

                                    Green / Black knit

                                    Blue / Black knit

                                        Daisy Lace

Black Fabric 14" Scarf $15.00 each New fabric coming soon!

White Fabric 14" Scarf $15.00 each (The first fabric is a double brushed knit and is a winter white and the second fabric is a soft lightweight sweater knit)