Head Coverings

Head Covering Veils

~A~ Veils are oval shaped.



Measurements are BEFORE trim is added. Hemming a veil will subtract approx. a 1/2" off the width and the length of these measurements.

Sizes NOTE: I can sew these so the width and length is switched (wider than long) You need to let me know when you order, if that is what you want.  I will also taper these for you if you let me know.

A-1A 6"W X 6-1/8" L 

A-1   6 1/4"W X 6 1/2" L                                     

A-2   6 3/4"W X 7L                                     

A-3   7 3/8W X 7 3/4 L   
A-4   7 3/4W X 8L                                             $8

A-5   8 1/2W X 8 1/2 L

A-6   8 3/4W X 8 3/4L 

A-7   9W X 9 3/8L

A-8   9 1/2W X 9 3/4L
A-9   10W X 10 1/4L 

A-10  10-1/2W X 10-3/4L

A-11  11W X 11-1/4L                               $9.00

A-12  11-1/2W 11-3/4L                                           

  Larger custom sizes are available

Please email me for sizes and prices.