Head Coverings

Head Covering Veils

Name of fabric on top - picture of it below the name

Black lightweight sweater knit (NEW FABRIC! picture coming soon!

Black Embroidered Lace (A little heavier with a 2-way stretch. Will work best for a non hanging veil.)

      Black Bubble Lace (soft and stretchy)

    Black Diamond Mesh (soft and stretchy)

      Black Jewel Lace (soft and stretchy)

   Black Liverpool Knit (I can hem this fabric)

         Black Florence Lace (soft & stretchy)

Black Olivia Lace  (fairly stiff and will only work for a non hanging veil)

Black Viney Lace (fairly stiff and will only work for a non hanging veil)

Black Floral Lace (soft and stretchy)

Black Semi Sheer  (soft with a 2-way stretch) new fabric will post soon! 

      Black Victoria Lace (soft & stretchy)

       Black Anna Lace (soft and stretchy)

Black Embroidered Flower (soft with some stretch)

Black Raised Flower(Back by popular demand!)

Black Wave Mesh (very soft & stretchy)

Black Window Frost (soft and 100% opaque)

Black Silver Lace (soft with a little stretch)

Black Abby Lace (very soft and stretchy and very similar to the black stretch lace)

Black Imported Lace 

Black Hacci Sweater Knit (soft with a 2 way stretch)

Black Lace with glitter  (this fabric has just minimal stretch and will work best for a non hanging veil)

Black Knit with flowers (soft with a 2-way stretch width wise)

Black Spandex Knit (very soft and stretchy)

Black Chevron Knit

Black Shimmer (This fabric is a mesh like the black sheer only it has a shimmer to it.)

Black Crepe Sweater Knit (New fabric! This fabric is similar the the old pebble knit fabric) Very soft and has some stretch to it.

Black Fashion Sweater Knit (Medium weight with a 2-way stretch)

Black Knit with black sequins (soft with a 2-way stretch

Black Ava Lace (Soft and somewhat of a stretch, but a little heavier. Will work best for a non-hanging veil.)

Black Sara Lace (soft and stretchy)

Black Alexandria Lace (Soft & Stretchy)

Black Jaco Lace  (soft, stretchy and semi opaque) 

Black Embroidered Sheer (not stretchy) (will work best for a non hanging veil)

Black Swirls Lace (very soft and has a 2-way stretch)

Black Wave Knit (very soft and some stretch 100% opaque)

Black Flower

Black Designer Mesh

Black Sheer with Floral design (Very soft like the black sheer and stretchy)


Black Glittery Chevron Lace  (not stretchy, will work best for a non hanging veil)

Black Stretchy Flower Lace  very soft 

Black Sequin Jersey Knit (100% opaque soft and stretchy)

Black Stretchy Mesh (soft and stretchy)

Black  Daisy Embroidered Mesh (fabric is a little stiff and no stretch, will work for a non-hanging veil only)

Black Mara Lace (soft, with little stretch)

      Black Opaque 

Black Embossed Knit very soft and stretchy

Black Flower Mesh (very soft and stretchy) (Veil is pictured with the matte side showing and the fabric is with the shiny side showing) Please make sure you specify which side you want out when ordering)

Black Floral Stretch Mesh (very soft with a 4-way stretch and with black embossed floral designs)

Black/Grey Floral Mesh (very soft with a 2-way stretch)(this picture was taken on top of black fabric to bring out the color of the flowers better)

Black small pansy with black sequins (soft and stretchy)

Black Rachelle Lace  (fairly stiff and will work only for a non hanging veil)

Black Open Weave Slub Sweater (soft and stretchy) 

Black 3-D Flower Lace  (soft and just a little stretchy)  size B-2 pictured)


Black Lacey Flower (very soft material and will work better for a larger veil due to a bigger pattern)

Black Chevron Lace soft with a little stretch (size B-1 shown)



Black Lace  (veil pictured size B-2)

Black Sheer  4 way stretch  very soft

 Black Solid   100% opaque I also have a Black Solid stretch that looks a lot like the black solid, but can be hemmed (veil pictured size A-5)


Black Butterfly Lace

Black Glittery Swirls  (works best for a non-hanging veil)  (veil pictured size B-2 with trim pulled tight at bottom)

Black Starlight Fabric  (soft and stretchy great for a hanging veil)

Black Small Pansy Lace    (very soft and stretchy) (veil pictured veil size C-4)

Black Glittery Ovals  (stretchy and fairly soft)  (veil pictured size B-2)

Black Circles and Flowers  (soft, but not stretchy)  (veil pictured size B-2)

Black Sheer with Sequins (non stretchy and works best for a non hanging veil)

Black darling Lace (very soft and stretchy)

Black Large Flower Lace