Head Coverings

Head Covering Veils

~D~ Veils are 1" wider than they are in length (A "C" veil turned sideways)


Measurements are BEFORE trim is added. Hemming a veil will subtract 1/2" off the width and the length of these measurements.



D-6  6"L X 7"W

D-6.5  6-1/2"L X 7-1/2"W

D-7  7"L  X  8 "W

D-7.5  7-1/2"L X 8-1/2"W                                 $9.00

D-8  8"L X 9"W

D-8.5  8-1/2"L X 9-1/5"W

D-9  9"L X 10W

D-9.5  9-1/2"L X 10-1/2"W                              $10.00

D-10 10"L X 11"W