Head Coverings

Head Covering Veils

Measurements for Scarves are as follows:
Lengths for all are approx. 30"
Widths are 7",8" or 9" (When hemmed the width will be approx. 1/2" narrower than these measurements.)
Cost per scarf is $10.00 a piece 
All the scarves pictured are 9" wide

Currently these are the fabrics I have:

                                      Black Lace Scarf

                               Black large flower lace scarf

                 White Lace Scarf 

                                   Charcoal Knit Scarf

                          Black/White     soft jersey knit 

                  Olive Green/Pink   double brushed poly

                            Multi color   double brushed poly

                        Navy/coral   double brushed poly

                  Hunter/tan/mustard     double brushed poly

                                     Coral/Olive Knit

                                        Daisy Lace

Black Fabric 14" Scarf $15.00 each Black Jersey Knit Fabric

White Fabric 14" Scarf $15.00 each