Head Coverings

Head Covering Veils

White Abby Lace  (Beautiful, soft, stretchy fabric. A very bright white!)

White Sweater Knit (New! This fabric is soft, stretchy, 100% opaque, and a bright white!)

White Window Frost Knit  (soft and stretchy, not a pure white)

White Solid with Texture New! (soft, stretchy and not a pure white) (This fabrics hem beautifully!)

White Embroidered Knit (Two-way stretch and will work best for a non hanging veil. A very bright white!)

White Spandex Flower  (soft and stretchy & 100% opaque)

White Swirls (soft and stretchy and very bright white)

White Burnout Sweater Knit  Soft and some stretch.  Beautiful!

White t-shirt Knit (New fabric! Very white, soft, lightweight, and a 2-way stretch)

White Paisley Lace (soft and stretchy)

White Slub Sweater Knit (Medium weight with a 2-way stretch)

White Pointelle Sweater Knit (heavier fabric and will work best for a non-hanging veil)

White Sara Lace (soft and stretchy)

White Large Flower (very soft and stretchy)

White Jaco Lace (soft and stretchy and semi opaque)

White Opaque (soft, stretchy and bright white) 

White stretchy Flower Lace (very soft and stretchy)



White Flower T-shirt Knit (very soft & stretchy)

White embroidered flower (soft and somewhat of a stretch)

White Floral Lace (soft and stretchy)

White Stretchy Lace

White Opaque Flower  (Beautiful, soft and somewhat stretchy fabric that works for a hanging veil!)


White Pebble knit (soft, stretchy, and very similar to the dimple knit)

White Dimple Knit Fabric  (lightweight, soft and stretchy! Works great for a hanging veil.   100% opaque (temporarily out of this fabric)

White Chevron Fabric  (fabric is lightweight, soft, and stretchy) Works great for a hanging veil. 100% opaque

White Mara Lace (soft, with very little stretch)

White small scroll knit (lightweight knit fabric 100% opaque)

White  Knit  

White small Pansy with clear sequins  (very soft and stretchy)

White Lace with clear sequins  (size B-1 pictured)

White Kenzie Lace  (soft and stretchy)  size B-3A pictured

White Lace  (veil pictured size C-6)



White Starburst Material  (veil pictured size B-1)

White Sparkle very soft and hangs beautifully (veil pictured size B-1)

White Lace Flower

White Sheer  2 way stretch  (veil pictured size B-2)

White Glitter (2 way stretch)

White Semi Sheer (4-way stretch hangs beautifully)  (veil pictured size A-5)

stretchy white semi opaque flower  (veil pictured size B-1)

White Solid Stretch  (100% opaque)  (veil pictured size C-4)

White Mesh with ribbon  (soft, but not stretchy)  (veil pictured size B-2 with trim pulled tight on bottom)

White Embroidered Mesh  (not stretchy, will work best for a non hanging veil)

White small pansy lace  (veil pictured D shape)